Use our warehouse service in England, buy from England, get it sent to our warehouse and we'll deliver your order to your home!


If you live outside of England but want to take advantage of the discounted prices offered by the country, you can do so by using our storage service!

In the case of internet shopping on Ebay or Amazon, you can have your items delivered to our warehouse free of charge to the UK address provided by us, and we’ll pick up and deliver the package to the address you provided after we received the package!

We provide the address of our warehouse for free to everyone, so you can have an address in England where you can receive, collect, store your items and have it delivered to your home.

In addition to online purchases, our warehouse can be used for both short- and long-term storage!

We recommend short-term storage:
  • In case of urgent relocation
  • Preservation of chattels when buying or selling real estate
  • In case of delivery requested for a later date
Long-term storage:
  • Storage of larger assets
  • In case of moving


Storage fee: (In case of online purchase)
Package VolumeFee
up to 0,2 m38 GBP
up to 0,4 m316 GBP
up to 0,6 m3 24 GBP
up to 0,8 m332 GBP
up to 1 m340 GBP

The storage fee is valid for pick-up and delivery at our nearest date from the arrival of the package in the warehouse. If you require longer storage, please contact our customer service.

In the case of a package that differs from the dimensions listed in the table, request a unique price offer at the e-mail address

The procedure for ordering and fulfilling an online shopping service:
  1. You place an order via the website, selecting the “delivery from warehouse” option for one of the indicated dates.
  2. Using the five-digit identification number received after placing an order on the website, you order the selected product to our warehouse.
  3. When ordering the product to be purchased, the name of the “buyer” must be indicated as follows: Your name + PROANG  +  order id. For Example: Kiss József PROANG 78888
  4. We will confirm your received order, which we will send an e-mail about.
  5. We will pick up your package on the selected package collection days and deliver it on the days indicated in advance. We will inform you about the time before the delivery by phone.
The address of the warehouse:

Pro Prep Center UK Ltd.
RH19 2HG
East Grinstead
Charlwoods Road
Unit 5D

+44 7832 524225

(This phone number is only reserved for suppliers, PLEASE DO NOT CALL!)

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Telefonos elérhetőségeink: +36 30 236 34 59 vagy +44 20 3355 2190