Useful information, and terms of delivery

It is also possible to deliver products purchased from Ebay or other auction sites! In this case, it is possible to send the package to our warehouse in England after prior consultation. Then we’ll deliver your package within the next delivery route from England. 

Customs Form

Upon collecting please print and fill out this form and hand it to our arriving driver colleague together with the package. Please indicate the contents of the package in English.

You can download the form here.

Documents Confirming Relocation

  1. Proof of UK address and declaration of its termination.
  2. P60 Form
  3. Hungarian Proof of address
  4. Passport
  5. Tax Id Card

For questions related to customs clearance, please call us for information!


In all cases, our shipping prices are determined based on total size and weight. We ask that you always pack your items over 35 kg in separate packages for easier handling! If you have several smaller packages, the total size and weight will be counted. If our colleagues are unable to move the items on their own, they can refuse to collect it.

There is no heating or cooling in the cargo area of our cars, we deliver your consignments at the same temperature as the outside temperature. Therefore we can’t accept the delivery of food or groceries that needs cooling.

If you pack in a cardboard box, use a strong, multi-layered box, and fill the inside with some kind of solid filling material, so that there are no empty spaces will remain where the contents of the package can move, or the cardboard dents or tears under the weight of another box placed on top of it.

Clothes and bed linen can be transported safely in a suitcase or foil bag, but please pack them in a strong, thick, multi-layered bag.

If you don’t want your suitcase, bag or other items get dirty please wrap them in a multi-layered bag.

We can only accept the delivery of a bicycle if the sender hands it over in a condition ready for delivery.
Basically this means that you need to adjust the handlebar to be paralell to the crossbar, and also you need to dismount the pedals. You can send the bike without packaging, but we can only take responsibility for any damage that may occur if you wrap the vulnerable parts with some packaging material.

We can only deliver a television in the factory (cardboard + inner protection) packaging or at your own risk. (If you wrap a blanket or cloth around a television, or stick cardboard in front of the screen, it will not protect it from shaking or tension, for example.)

If you want to deliver a technical product with us without factory packaging, you can do so only at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for safe delivery.

Other technical items such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, speakers, computers, etc. before sending, wrap all sides in protective multi-layer cardboard.

The mattresses are not fragile, but it is definitely important to protect them from dirt and dust, so we can deliver them wrapped in foil.

Sofas, beds, and other furniture should be wrapped in several layers of cardboard and foil so that they won’t be damaged or soiled.

We move each shipment by hand. If it says Fragile on its packaging, we pay special attention to its careful handling, but the Fragile inscription does not in itself protect the product, nor does it replace packaging suitable for the nature of the shipment.

Please mark each of your packages in some way like write on them a simple address. If possible, the package identification number received at the time of order should be clearly written on it, also the recipient’s name and city may be sufficient.


Negotiation of collecting/delivery time

We provide our service from door to door. We will call you on the day before picking up and dropping off the package, if we cannot reach you, we will send you an SMS. If we fail to contact you in any way, the shipment or delivery of the package may fail.

If you request we will call you again 30 minutes before our arrival.

In order to reach each of our customers on time during the 3-4 day delivery period, we have to go in line, from address to address, continuously throughout the day. Therefore we cannot wait more than 15 minutes at one address.

When placing your order, please take into account that we cannot arrive at the time specified by our customers, but only at the time communicated by us. If this date or time does not suit you, and we cannot find any solution to complete the shipment, we can only go to the customer again at our next delivery time.

Upon B2B delivery we try to keep working hours in mind, but unfortunately we cannot do this in full in all cases, as we have to fulfill our orders in line. If we cannot arrive during working hours, we’ll try to reschedule the delivery with our next route.



You can pay our delivery fee in cash in HUF, British Pounds or Euros at the time of dispatch or delivery.


Our company is liable for up to HUF 35,000 for sent packages in the event that they are clearly damaged due to our fault. If a higher insurance amount is required, our insurance partner will help with administration free of charge, the customer is only charged for the insurance fee.

Prohibition on delivery of excise products

We strongly warn everyone that your shipment must not contain alcohol, narcotic drugs, tobacco products, or dangerous or illegal substances. There is a high chance that the shipments of those who violate this warning will be stopped at the stricter customs and road inspections, which will result in immediate confiscation, endangering the timely delivery of other people’s packages. In all cases, the responsibility lies with the sender of the shipment.

All the authorities of at least six countries have the right to stop our cars on public roads and check our shipments on our route of thousands of kilometers. Unfortunately, despite our warning, our trust is abused by those who try to smuggle tobacco products and alcohol in their shipment.
We are obliged to release the data of these customers to the authorities, and all responsibility must be taken by the sender.

In order to protect the packages of our customers, who do not want to smuggle their tobacco or alcohol products to England with us, we were forced to introduce a relevant regulation.

In the case of packages sent to England, we can only accept packages that are sealed in the presence of our driver colleague.

Before receiving the package, our colleagues will visually inspect it, if there are no items that we cannot deliver, such as tobacco or alcohol products, then we will accept it for delivery, and they can seal it in our presence.

(According to English law, everyone can bring excise goods into England for their own consumption. It is forbidden to send it to someone else or take it to someone else. As We do not carry the packages for ourselves, so if they send tobacco, cigarettes, or alcohol in your package with us, you are committing a crime according to English law).

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